The Green Wave: Five Tech Trends That Will Accelerate E-Cycling

There’s a subtle part of Apple’s WWDC that many analysts overlooked, yet it will have an ongoing impact on how we use and reuse consumer electronics. Within a few seconds after showing the new MacBook Pro feature set, Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, showed the Environmental Checklist. This was the first time in Apple’s product announcement history that environmentally friendly attributes were placed on an equal footing with newly released product features. We can expect this for the iPhone 5. More importantly, when Apple speaks, consumers should listen. Apple has been the king of consumer experience and they have set the stage for how we’ll behave differently in the future: they expect consumers to e-cycle. According to the EPA, less than 20 percent of all electronics are recycled and the vast majority are disposed of, mostly in landfills. It’s time that we e-cycle.

Apple is an integral part of a significant eco-shift in the consumer electronics (CE) industry, yet it’s part of a larger Green Wave. Here are 5 Tech Trends that will accelerate e-cycling:

1) Apple and Samsung lead the CE industry: Since I wrote about the Battle of the Green Giants last October, Apple and Samsung have accelerated their race to be the greenest CE company in the world… Read more


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