Wind Power Putting A Green Shine On Windex

Windex and wind power – you knew it had to happen.

This matchup made in public-relations heaven sounds like the real deal, too, not one of those situations where a corporation goes green by buying renewable energy credits (not that such purchases aren’t helpful).

Windex-maker SC Johnson said it is putting up two quite-serious turbines – around 1.5 megwatts (MW) apiece, we’re guessing, based on the production expected – at its big Waxdale plant in Mount Pleasant, Wis., a facility that already has some cleantech cred.

The two turbines are forecast to generate some 8 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of power a year, providing about 15 percent of the electricity used at Waxdale, described by SC Johnson as the size of 36 football fields and the company’s largest global manufacturing facility. In addition to Windex, the company makes familiar products such as Glade, Raid, Pledge and Scrubbing Bubbles there… Read more


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