Vodacom incorporates ‘green’ technologies in Lesotho base station roll-out

Telecommunications group Vodacom Lesotho has started rolling out new base stations, incorporating ‘green’ technologies, in efforts to achieve 100% coverage over the next four years.

The Lesotho-based branch, with a 79% 2G and 16% 3G coverage of the 30 000 km2 country, aimed to establish between 70 and 100 new green base stations over the next four years.

Twenty off-grid sites would be built each year, at a cost of R2.1-million a base station, compared with the R1.7-million required to build commercial on-grid base stations. Ten of the sites would be 3G-enabled, with the company steadily increasing the ratio each year.

Vodacom Lesotho radio access networks senior manager Tsepo Chaotsane said that the new “green” off-grid sites would incorporate environment- and energy-friendly technologies, including solar panels, wind turbines, free cooling systems and energy power optimization. This would enable Vodacom to connect rural and remote regions without electricity… Read more


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