The Life and Death of a Solar Press Release

There’s an art to writing press releases, but that art is separate from getting them actually picked up and acted upon by reporters and editors. I’ll get into what makes a well-written solar press release in a bit, but regardless of how well your release is written, you still may get coverage for the following reasons:

  1. You have a relationship with the reporter, editor, or publisher. If a reporter knows your brand’s PR contact or you’ve “worked together” as a source for articles, this is PR gold. Don’t mess this relationship up. Many press release mistakes wil be forgiven and you will get favorable attention simply because you have contributed to a past article.
  2. You’ve advertised in the media outlet before. I’d like to think that there’s no pay-for-play in the media, but the reality is that you will be on an editor’s radar if you’ve advertised in their publication. That doesn’t mean your news automatically will get published or that you’ll be interviewed for an article, but at least the editor has heard of your solar brand and may have more patience to read beyond the headline and subject line… Read more

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