Masdar to present solar energy atlas at Rio +20

A solar power atlas for the world’s hot and sunny regions will be presented by Masdar at the Rio + 20, the United Nations conference on sustainable development starting in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday.

During the ongoing preparatory meetings taking place just before the conference, Dr Taha Ouarda, Deputy Director of the UAE Research Centre for Renewable Energy Mapping and Assessment at Masdar Institute, talked about one of the centre’s latest projects, the Global Atlas for Solar and Wind Energy.

“Innovation in the field of renewable energy lies in developing state-of-the-art techniques that are adapted to the local climate and environment. Of-the-shelf tools are not necessarily adapted to produce adequate results in the UAE and the GCC countries,” he said. “Such developed tools can then be used and adapted in other countries with similar conditions, like the Gulf region as well as the Sahel region in Africa. The centre in Abu Dhabi will share its knowledge and empower others to draw from its ideas and actions for a sustainable future…. Read more


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