Magnetohydrodynamics: a breakthrough for high efficiency concentrated solar

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has announced the signing of an exclusive license agreement with Concentrating Solar Power Utility, Inc. for a breakthrough solar power technology utilising magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). This science fiction sounding technology uses superconducting magnets to strip electrons from high energy plasma jets, and generate power with no moving parts.

The two technology partners were recently selected as finalists in a US Department of Energy R&D project, SunShot: Concentrating Solar Power, which will identify system requirements and accelerate implementation of MHD technologies and prototype development.

MHD is derived from Magneto- meaning magnetic field, hydro- meaning liquid, and dynamics- meaning movement. MHD generates electricity directly from a body of very hot moving gas without any mechanical moving parts. Solar energy, concentrated by mirrors or lens can create this superheated gas; magnetohydrodynamics works by using superconducting magnets to extract electricity from the superheated gas. In a sense, MHD replaces the wires used in conventional electrical generators with ionised gas… Read more


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