Renewable energy comes to prime time

Renewable energy is no longer the province of nerds. This year we’ve seen an outbreak of political squabbling, mostly between biofuels and wind energy versus oil and natural gas interests.

Now renewables are the point of tension in the revival of the 1980s television series “Dallas,” the show that brought soap opera to prime time.

It seems that in addition to the standard greed and sexual misadventures that were a staple of the original show, some of the tension in the updated version will be a family battle over the future of renewable energy in the family’s oil business.

Whether the new “Dallas” has any impact on the growing national debate about renewable energy remains to be seen. But the orignal “Dallas,” with an assist from rising gasoline prices, played a role in solidifying both the state of  Texas and “Big Oil” as national villains… Read more


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