Green technology meets high-tech at eco-conference

A three-day eco-friendly conference helps establish business connections, create innovative ideas intended to promote environment friendly living

The group’s aim is to rethink sustainability in four different domains – water, energy, shelter and communication.

An unlikely partnership between the high-tech and ecology communities in Israel formed the first ever sustainable technology conference – TentTech.

The camps’ participants, who represent various disciplines such as science, technology, art and agriculture combined their talent and resources in order to build projects and develop innovative blueprints for environment friendly living.

The conference, called by many a non-conference, was established by a group of high-tech entrepreneurs headed by Ilan Graicer and Gilli Cegla.

Among the Israeli activists taking part in the project was Muhammad Almaki, a student from Mali who came to Israel in order to learn Hebrew so he could translate the bible into the local Mali language. Almaki presented the camps’ participants with one of the major issues the Mali people face – one water well shared by 5,000 residents… Read more


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