Four years into San Jose’s 10 year Green Vision, progress has been made on some–but not all–goals

In October 2007, Mayor Chuck Reed introduced what has become the city’s Green Vision, with a list of 10 goals that would transform the city into a model of eco-friendliness by 2022. Some of these goals appear to be surpassing their targets for these first four years, but some are lagging.

Of all the cities that have established green goals, San Jose was the first to add clean tech jobs to its list, according to Reed. While green jobs have grown to just 7,000 in the first four years of the program– which may seem like slow progress toward the goal of 25,000–the definition of a green job is still being discussed, according to Amy Chan, an executive analyst in the city manager’s office.

Initially, clean tech companies listed all jobs, but that now is being refined, says Chan, leaving the number of jobs steady over the past four years.

“Goals won’t be advanced equally each year,” Chan says. “Progress may come in large jumps or as new innovative technology is discovered…. Read more


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