Farmers boost UK renewable energy target

Almost a third of farmers across England and Wales will be involved in some form of renewable energy production, use or supply this summer, research by the National Farmers’ Union and NatWest reveals.

This represents a significant contribution to the UK target of producing 15 per cent of our energy from renewable sources by 2020 in accordance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive.

Farmers in the East of England have a five per cent uptake of wind turbines, in line with the rest of England and Wales.

The report surveyed over 400 farmers about the take up of renewable energy production and generation. It found that by this summer around one in five farmers will be producing clean electricity, one in six will have installed solar PV capacity and a further one in eight will be using or generating renewable energy.

This indicates how farmers and landowners can play a leading role with regards to renewable energy as they recognise the benefits of reducing both their reliance on fossil fuels, reducing costs as well as providing a positive environmental impact. Also, through the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff, the right renewable project could become a source of revenue in its own right… Read more


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