Global Energy Players to Meet in Africa

As the shortage of reserve energy margins in sub-Saharan Africa continues to bring pressure to bear upon the region’s economic growth, the region’s energy industry leaders and professionals will be looking to the inaugural POWER-GEN Africa conference and exhibition for solutions.

POWER-GEN Africa and the co-located Renewable Energy World Africa event will be held in Johannesburg on November, 6-8, 2012, at the Sandton Convention Center.

According to Nigel Blackaby, conference director for PennWell’s International Power Group, three conference tracks have been developed to address the informational needs of all stakeholders in sub-Saharan Africa’s power generation industry. These are the Strategic Track and Technology Track of POWER-GEN Africa and alongside them, the Renewable Track of the Renewable Energy World Africa event.

The Strategic Track will address such hot-button topics as Energy Security; Power Sector Regulation; Financing Power Developments; Investment Risk Mitigation; Planning & Operational Challenges; Industrial Power Generation; Capacity Building, Skills & Training; and The Challenge of Rural Electrification… Read more


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