GCC set to miss renewable energy targets

The GCC is set to miss its target of generating 25GW of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020, according to Abhay Bhargava, head of energy and power systems at business research and consulting firm, Frost and Sullivan.

GCC governments are hoping that planned renewable energy projects will ease the region’s reliance on fossil fuels and help meet the projected increase in electricity demand in the coming years from 113GW in 2010 to 214GW by 2020.

The approximate figure of 25GW was reached by Frost and Sullivan from an aggregation of all planned renewable energy projects in the GCC, with Saudi hoping to produce 17GW by 2022; UAE, 1.63 GW; Kuwait, 2.7GW; Oman, 1.25GW; Qatar, 1GW; and Bahrain, 0.25GW.

Speaking at a media briefing at Frost and Sullivan’s offices in Dubai, Bhargava said, “In our opinion, 25GW is too stiff. It’s too tall a target and will probably not happen. This is going to be a best-case, highly optimistic scenario.”

“There is some movement going on [in terms of implementing renewable energy projects], but it’s just not sufficient in our opinion,” he added… Read more


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