Filed Under Household, Misc. Gadgets Inhabitat’s Week in Green: Jake Dyson’s lamp, wooden light bulbs and weed-killing lasers

This week Inhabitat has been reporting live from New York Design Week, where we’ve witnessed countless innovative green designs from around the world. To kick things off, we were pretty impressed with this desk lamp designed by Jake Dyson (son of the vacuum god) that extends the life of its LED bulbs by a whopping 37 years. Also in the category of “bright shiny things we love” is QisDesign’s Aurelia lamp, which bears a striking resemblance to a glowing jellyfish. We were also dazzled by UM Project’s collection of retro, robot-inspired lamps, Light & Contrast’s cute LED flower lights, and we were absolutely floored by Alessandro Jordão’s larger-than-life LEGO chair. Can’t get enough of NY Design Week? Check out all of our favorite green designs from this year’s shows.

Continuing with the topic of innovative green lighting technology, artist Ryosuke Fukusada has created the impossible: a glowing wooden light bulb. Confused? The light was created using a technique called Rokuro, and it consists of an LED light bulb wrapped with a very thin layer of wood. When the bulb is turned on, it illuminates the grain of the wood. As Fukusada’s creation demonstrates, LED lighting technology has taken some incredible strides recently, and we took some time to round-up 24 of our all-time favorite green lamps that look great with LED bulbs… Read more


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