New Radiant Floor Heating Systems Solve Energy Saving Dilemma

InfraFloor radiant floor heating solutions make it possible to invest in energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Compare InfraFloor heating with geothermal systems which are touted as the most efficient home heating and cooling systems. Geothermal systems cost $30,000-$40,000 to install and they blow warm air (convection heat), not the most comfortable or healthy way to heat a building. In contrast, a modest investment in InfraFloor heated floors yields quiet, healthy comfort, and energy savings of 25%-35% over convective systems.

InfraFloor warms the floor and the room with infrared waves that transfer heat like the sun – except with InfraFloor no SPF is needed. InfraFloor is completely safe and virtually free of electro-magnetic field – so it will not interfere with other electronic appliances. More than safe, InfraFloor is healthy. Its soothing radiant heat does not rely on blowing air through the ductwork so dust, dirt and allergens are not redistributed throughout the home or office. What’s more, InfraFloor radiant heating is typically used to warm hard-surface floors including tile, marble, laminate, stone and engineered wood — none of which harbor contaminants like carpet… Read more


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